Monthly Accounting

SECTION 4. Sections 114.026(a), (b), and (d), Local Government Code, were amended by House Bill 3439 during to 80th Legislative session and signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry, to mandate that certain receipts and expenditures pertaining to the business of the county must be published at least once.

The informaiton available on this web page is in compliance with the mandate as stated in subsection (d) "...must be published once in a newspaper published in the county if there is such a newspaper or, if the county has an Internet website, on the county's website".

If you have any questions contact
Knox County Treasurer
Rosie Ake
P.O. Box 212
Benjamin, Texas 79505
(940) 459-2251
Budget Documents are .PDF
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Adopted Budget
2019/2020 budget adopted Aug 2019

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